Natural versus Synthetic Slate

When thinking about purchasing a slate roof for your home, there are two different kinds for you to choose from: natural and synthetic slate. But which one is better for your home? Let’s take a moment to talk about the difference between these two different slate options.

Slate Roofing for Your Arlington County, Virginia Home

Located across the Potomac River is the Washington, DC suburb of Arlington, Virginia. With famous landmarks located less than an hour from your doorstep, your Arlington County home must always look its best. But when choosing a new roof for your home, shouldn’t you choose something that will make your home match the exteriors of […]

Choosing the Right Roof for Your Potomac Maryland Home

Whether you are considering a roof repair or a full roof replacement for your home on the Potomac River, Maryland, be prepared to make a lot of decisions. From shingle colors to the slope of your roof, there are many different options and roofing materials for a home owner to choose from. So what are the best […]