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Benefits of Cedar Siding for your Columbia, Maryland Home

Cedar siding in Columbia, MD

Cedar siding for your Columbia home comes in many different colors, sizes, and finishes. Let your home stand out with cedar siding!

Every other house on your Columbia, Maryland street is covered in vinyl siding. Vinyl siding has been the standard option for many years but what do you choose if you want a siding option that is different from the other homes? Let’s take a look at cedar siding for your Columbia home.


Traditionally wood is known for need special attention whenever it is used for things in your home. From a special furniture polish to the wax flooring, wood needs special attention in order to retain its beauty. But cedar siding might be an exception to the tradition. Cedar wood is naturally water resistant and resists bugs and decay. Because of its water resistance, cedar siding also resists problems such as slitting, swelling, and bending as other woods are prone to do.

Beauty for Your Columbia Home

The element of aesthetic appeal cannot be overlooked when looking into cedar siding for your Columbia home. Cedar siding has unique tones and patterns that will allow your home to stand out from the crowd. Your siding can also be treated with stains, finishes, and oils to create a variety of looks and colors. Cedar siding will add a timeless element to your home. For a rustic look, use untreated wood or wood with a light varnish. Or use a clear finish to keep the natural cedar look. Cedar wood is available in a variety of styles, colors, and looks for your home.

Budget and Eco-Friendly

Cedar siding is considered a “green” renewable resource according to the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau. New cedar trees are always being planted in order to renew this resource and keep the supply fresh. Unlike other siding options, cedar siding is biodegradable once it has served its lifetime on the side of your home. This siding is also budget-friendly because it lasts much longer than other sidings. With the correct care, this siding will last for many decades and it is considered a low maintenance siding option. This siding also offers an insulation for your home, which can help save you money on your heating and cooling costs. Unlike other woods, cedar is a porous structure, which allows air to naturally flow through it. This airflow will naturally transfer heat and regulate the temperatures inside your home.

Cedar siding is a great option for your Columbia home’s siding. Your home will receive all the benefits this beautiful option can offer while knowing your home stands apart from the crowd. To schedule your home’s free estimate, contact Absolute Home Solutions today!

Cedar Siding with Absolute Home Solutions

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